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Organic Booster™ is a carbohydrate infused booster that is rich in nutrients which stimulate micro-organisms with a chelating agent, adding a naturally occurring flavour profile. Booster™ is 100% plant soluble, promotes fast absorption, and is a non-burning product.
Organic Booster™ can be used with Organic or synthetic fertilizers.  Can be used with Vit-Alive to make a compost tea. 

  • Source of Calcium and Magnesium
  • 100% plant soluble
  • Fast absorption
  • Non-burning
  • Flavour and terpene enhancer

Derived From: Blend of Organic Blackstrap Molasses and Humates.  

Sizes Available: 30 ml, 1 L, 18.9 L 


All inputs and additives are on the National Standards of Canada's list of Organic Production Systems - Permitted Substances. APPROVED FOR ORGANIC USE.
Our step-by-step instructions and custom growing calendar make using our system easy throughout the entire growing cycle.

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