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Myco-Grow is a concentrated 4 species-consortium containing highly concentrated and viable propagules of endomycorrihizal fungi, of  1145 of viable propagules per gram. This customized blend is specifically designed to rapidly colonize and expand the root system (up to 100-1000 times).. Myco-Grow achieves this by forming a symbiotic relationship with the existing root system and extending into the surrounding rhizosphere, which in turn drastically increases the plants ability to uptake water and nutrients, promoting superior crop quality, faster root growth, extreme drought tolerance, and maximum crop yields. 

Mycorrhizae - How it works : 

1. The Mycorrhizal propagates germinate after receiving a signal from plat roots. 

2. Mycorrhizal fungi colonize the plant’s root system and establish the symbiotic exchange structures. 

3. The Mycorrhizal fungi then disseminate through the growth of hyphae and deliver resources to the plant. 

4. Mycorrhizae provides the gardener the essential association with a fungal network to both extend and strengthen the root system beyond its natural capacity. It helps find and bring back hard to obtain nutrients like phosphorus. Potassium and water - fighting drought and malnutrition. Helps plants absorb water and soil nutrients. 

  • Water Soluble
  • Wettable powder
  • 100% premium ingredients
  • 1145 of viable propagules per gram
  • Significantly increases yields and crop quality 


    Ingredients: Endomycorrhizae ( Glomus intradicies, Glomus mosseae, Glomus aggregator, Glomus etunicatum), Kelp, Yucca

    Sizes available : 250gr, 500gr, 1kg, 10kg . For larger sizes contact us directly.